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About Us

About Us

The Alchemist of Spirits is a blog about cocktails and the magic that happens when people gather together in real life. It’s run by Brian Quinn and Jessica Lawrence – who actually met through Twitter because of this blog when it was nothing more than one post and a business idea back in November 2010 (you can read more of that story here).

A Note from Brian
I know few things more rewarding than creating the kinds of events that inspire others. Working within the wine, spirit, and culinary worlds, I’ve curated and hosted a myriad events aimed at breaking down people’s perceptions about what a food and wine event should encompass, including:

  • Immersive cocktail experiences, providing a real sense of craft cocktail creation for guests through hands-on application.
  • Underground wine tastings, during which the wine fosters both a social and educational experience.
  • Events implementing technology to better understand and discover new paths to change what we eat.

Though I have been in the events world for almost ten years (including everything from dinners to concerts), I am perhaps best known as the co-founder of The Noble Rot: an underground supperclub, but for wine, dubbed “a new form of clandestine drinking” by our friends at Tasting Table NYC. Noble Rot events aim to re-envisioning the typical wine tasting as a more social, informal experience in which guests are encouraged to interact with the wine, wine experts, and each other in an intimate setting.

Currently, I’m broadening my scope, moving towards events that incorporate education and hands-on participation for the increasingly intertwined worlds of spirits, cocktails, wine, food, and technology. I believe that ideation and storytelling now must become an integral part of my events, as well as the necessity for events to reach beyond those actually present to experience it to a wider audience of food and spirit-interested individuals.

Other details beyond events: I’m 28 years old, reside in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, and have an extensive background in music. I have worked in the music industry for ten years and have been a drummer for almost two decades, performing in classical, pop, and jazz genres. The creativity of those in the music world is incomparable, but the passion and inventiveness I see coming from my collaborators in the culinary and libation worlds is extraordinary, and equally inspiring.

For now, I look forward to curating compelling events that excite the guests and consumers in attendance, which in turn, means that I and the businesses I am working with will also share that sentiment. To learn more about attending these events, please sign up to my mailing list here.


A Bit About Jessica
Jessica Lawrence is the first Managing Director of the NY Tech Meetup, where she has worked since April 2011 to expand the capacity of the 40,000-member non-profit organization while also managing its day-to-day operations on a full-time basis. Each month, NYTM gives the New York tech community a place to gather, discuss ideas, and examine what their peers are creating. The organization’s monthly events have served as a springboard for hundreds of the city’s technology startups from Tumblr to Foursquare to Livestream.

Prior to her work with NY Tech Meetup, Jessica was the CEO for Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio Council, a non-profit serving 15,000 girls and 5,000 volunteers in Southern California.

Jessica is also a columnist for The Press-Enterprise and speaks and writes frequently about organizational culture, the application of psychology and neuroscience to work, the New York startup community, and non-profit management. She graduated Cum Laude with a BS in Psychology from the University of Maryland, earned a Certificate of Non-Profit Management from Duke University and in November 2010, she was one of 15 women selected to participate in FeMBA, Seth Godin’s mini-MBA program for female entrepreneurs.


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